Louise-Marie antique fireplaces

Louise-Marie antique fireplaces has a huge and ever-growing stock of antique ornamental mantelpieces from castles and mansions in France, there is always a minimum stock of 80 antique fireplaces, the better work, weekly new supply. The antique style fireplaces are suitable for use in open fireplaces, as a fireplace or gas fireplace.

The old fireplaces with a soul, personally purchased and / or disassembled by the manager at the most beautiful locations in France during the many trips in search of better work, the first choices. In the various price classes and styles dealing with Renaissance style, Louis XIII, Louis XIV, Régence, Louis XV, Louis XVI

Louise-Marie is a new player in the antiques market but with decades of experience in the sector.

Louise-Marie is not only a trader but also has many professional installers with the necessary experience behind you, where you can buy the fireplace with or without installation, Louise-Marie does not sell directly, always through experienced placers, because the good placement is also very important !

The gigantic and exclusive stock can be admired in the buildings of Cozyflame gas fires, where> 30 gas fires burn, to modern and classic style and then to the size of the ornamental fireplace, often elaborated in sawn roof tiles, with invisible glass.

All fireplaces are neatly presented upright on a black background!

and this on every Saturday from 9 am to 12 noon and from 2 pm to 6 pm without an appointment

or by appointment 24 on 24h, 7 on 7 days, tel 09 / 222.80.84


The showrooms are located at Keistraat 127 in B-9840 De Pinte, on the border with Sint Martens Latem, south of Ghent.

Keep in mind that you do not choose an old chimney on one-two-three ... that takes some time ... but also keep in mind that Louise-Marie gives no options, is gone, so for quick decision-makers ! It is more sensible to look for a beautiful antique fireplace and to buy and store it than to take a look that you are not 100% because you are in time trouble.